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Record Makers Photography

Hi! We're Matt & Lee of Record Makers Wedding & Portrait Photography Brisbane, and we approach portrait photography in an extraordinary way.

Our photography is based around an experience incorporating simple activities that will make you genuinely laugh, smile, embrace, and maybe even cry.

No one likes having their photograph taken, but you'll soon forget the camera is even there and have an amazing time.

Record Makers Photography only works with the highest quality materials and craftsman to create art pieces for your walls and home.

Visit us and start planning your Recording Session Photoshoot and you'll see why our canvases come with a 100 year warranty!

Throughout the process we will discuss the best way of displaying your photographic art that compliments your home and style.

Check out some of our collections.

Call us on 1300 760 345 to start the journey!

Join in the online conversation on Facebook.

The best way to get to know each other is some face to face time! The drinks are on us, unless you skype us =) Get in touch!.

  • Apart from the half hour or so where Matt shot us on our own after the ceremony, we barely even noticed him. But when we saw the photos, he had captured everything and everyone. We could not be happier. He was amazing.

    — Cara & Bruce

  • When we got all the photos we loved how natural they felt. It truly felt that you had captured our memories and the feelings of the day and night. As a collection it was everything we had hoped for and more.

    — Sam & Marty

  • I absolutely love your style of photography. The photos are so engaging to look at; they make you feel as if you are there. I looked through a LOT of portfolios – it was amazing how many wedding photographers neglect simple things. With your photos, every shot is beautifully done.

    — Kylie & Chris

  • Love love love it!!!
    I couldn't be happier and won't ever ever stop recommending you to people!! Ever!!
    You're a superstar!!

    — Beck & Matt

Latest Releases
  • Recently Vogue Magazine came out with an article telling Brides what to say ‘I don’t’ to in 2016. In regards to wedding photography, they commented; It made sense back in the olden days, pre–Facebook albums and Instagram hashtags, when the whole world didn’t have phones with cameras on them. Having the actual leather-bound album on […]

  • LEILA & GIULIANO Leila & Giuliano have been married a few years now. The beautiful couple had a wedding in both Brazil and Australia, an opportunity to celebrate with their full family. Having two weddings is not easy, and at the time they were unable to have a professional photographer for their weddings. But that […]

  • ZOE & BEN Photographing Zoe and Ben was a really special shoot for me. Not only are they both lovely people, but I got to be in on a bit of a secret 😉 Ben was planning a proposal and saw our photoshoot as an ideal opportunity to propose somewhere beautiful while also having photos […]